The Heart of The Matter


  • Climate: The Kumaon foothills, where the Corbett National Park is located, enjoys three distinct seasons: Cold (November to February), Hot (March to mid-June) and Rainy (mid-June to October).
  • Temperature: The mean monthly maximum temperature ranges from 26°C in January to 44°C in June and the minimum temperature ranges from 2°C in January to 21°C in August.
  • Rainfall: Annual rainfall varies from 140 cm in the outer hills to 280 cm in the upper hills, with 150-160 cm in the main Ramganga Valley.
  • Local natural phenomena: A wind locally known as 'dadu' blows down the valley from about 9 pm to 8 am, lowering the night temperature. In the summers, it is followed by a hot wind blowing up the valley from 10 am to 8 pm. During this season, a thick haze of suspended dust develops and is only cleared by thunderstorms.
  • Clothing: Carry woollens and a wind breaker in the winter when mornings and evenings, especially during game drives and elephant rides, can be very cold.
  • In the summer, loose cotton clothes are advisable. Wear long trousers on nature walks so that the thorny undergrowth does not scratch you. Wear comfortable and strong walking shoes in all seasons. In the rainy season, a proper raincoat is far more useful than an umbrella. Always pack a spare pair of shoes to plan for unexpected rain.
  • Other essentials: Carry a reliable flashlight/torch with a spare set of batteries. In case you have a particular medical condition it is essential that you pack your medicines. Ramnagar does have chemist shops but specialist medicines are not always available. Add mosquito repellent, antiseptics, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, camera, binoculars and shoes for specific purposes e.g. hiking, fishing etc. to your checklist.
  • Precautions: Remember, you’re in the jungle, so scorpions and snakes could be among visitors. The staff are trained to remove any unwanted visitors, but please be vigilant at all times, check clothes before wearing them and do not walk barefoot.

Please Note : Kindly leave your pets behind.


Approximately 245 kms from New Delhi in village Dhanpur Gosain (Uttarakhand), Jaagar is located right on the milestone Ramnagar 10.

Some Travel Statistics :

New Delhi - Jaagar 250 kms takes 5 hrs by Car
Nainital - Jaagar 75 kms takes 1.5 hrs by Car
Ranikhet - Jaagar 250 kms takes 3 hrs by Car
Agra - Jaagar 340 kms takes 7-8 hrs by Car
Dehradun - Jaagar 250 kms takes 6 hrs by Car

Common Route by rail:


Ranikhet Express (Train no.5013) - Departure from Old Delhi Railway Station at 2235 hrs and arrival at Ramnagar at 0455 hrs. The train has AC and regular coaches. It plies on this route every day. The resort is another 10 km from the Ramnagar station by taxi.
Uttarakhand Sampark Kranti Express (Train no.5035) - Departure from Old Delhi Railway Station at 1600 hrs and arrival at Ramnagar at 2040 hrs. The train has only seating coaches. It plies every day on this route. The resort is another 10 km from the Ramnagar station by taxi.