Responsible Tourism

The attempt at Jaagar so far has been to be in tune with the harmony of what is natural, beautiful, and native of the area.

By virtue of presence, the great responsibility for preserving the heritage of the Corbett Tiger Reserve, Kumaon hills, of innocence of all that is natural and virgin is on the shoulders of all at Jaagar – the hosts and the guests as well.

The endeavor so far has been to ensure that materials which are deterrent to the wilderness are not used for structure. The attempt is also to keep plastics, unnatural products down to non-existence at Jaagar.

It has been fun to try and think of alternates to things that one takes for granted in day to day city life. The development experience has been a revelation and the hope is that the guests also play along with the serious drive to keep things simple and pure.

The recruitment at Jaagar so far has been focused on giving development arena to the natives of the hills. The local people are being trained to provide a warm and unforgettable experience to all the guests. They bring with them their local values, traditions, simplicity and hospitality.

Revenue earning opportunities have also been opened for the locals through utilizing their resources and services wherever possible e.g. employing their local and naturally developed jungle skill, bringing in their sweat equity in farm produce like apiaries, vegetables, milk etc., profit sharing on sale of locally produced items at our souvenir shop.