Humble Welcome

Started as a 40 year old dream of veterans of the Kumaon jungles, Jaagar is Soma  and Harish’s gift to exclusive holiday lovers.

Both Soma  and Harish complement each other in their successful attempt to offer you a holiday packaged with Re-creation, Re-storation, Re-juvenation, Re-generation the organic way.

Harish has had a 75 yr association with forest, having being born there and lived in and out of the area growing up to love and respect the jungle and majesty of nature.

Harish Joshi’s long association with the area, the forest and his passion for wildlife conservation, has added a unique perspective to The Village, its ambience and the services offered.

Soma  hails from one of the families of Kumaon who are known as the pioneers of Kumaon. She is the perfect complementing partner to Harish in providing an exclusive holiday to the people who look for an extraordinary – not-the-run-of-the-mill time off from daily grind.

Together they have built a team of simple but talented and hardworking natives to bring to you an exclusive experience.

Keeping the heritage and the responsibility in mind, they have maintained a good balance of bringing development in the area without spoiling the natural habitat.

In their own words - “We got into this for the sake of wildlife and nature - to make people understand - discover - respect the jungle and be comfortable with it.”  “We want to share the tradition, culture and lifestyle of Kumaon with our guests”