Spirit of Jaagar

Why Jaagar? - Jaagar is an experience of the rich culture and rural life of a Kumaon set against the backdrop of India’s oldest National Park - The Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve.

The name JAAGAR has been inspired by age-old sacred ritual of Kumaon interiors. Jaagar is performed to invoke the blessings of the local gods. In this tradition, the Jagarias perform the bardic poetry along with the beating of the drums to seek the blessings of the local gods.

Why should you choose us for that very exclusive holiday that you have been planning for months or that quick getaway that seems like fun over a short weekend?

Jaagar  is an exclusive boutique resort with a theme. We have a small inventory of independent private villas in approximately 7 acres, with the intent of providing high end customized service to our guests.

We are located at the boundary of one of the Corbett forest ranges and can be accessed through the forest route. Being the only one at its location we are able to offer serene and tranquil ambience and privacy to our guests. They can truly be with nature (rather than being with a lot of crowd)

We have a very high organic focus including growing our own organic vegetables, having our own apiary for honey, orchards for fruits, etc. All this is at the resort itself.

The guests can access the “real” forest adjoining the resort on foot, tractor, bicycles, bullock carts etc. thereby enabling them to witness wild life right next to the resort.

We are native to Uttarakhand and have more than 100 years of association with the forest. As a Kumaon clan, we are honored to have this opportunity to share the experience and the gods’ blessings with all our guests.