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If you are not an avid birdwatcher already, we bet you will become one after your trip to Jaagar. Did you know that the Corbett National Park is home to a mind-boggling over 600 species of birds? That’s about half of the total species found in the entire Indian subcontinent! They include about 50 species of birds of prey and several species of migratory birds. This place is simply a treasure trove for bird watchers who keep returning to pursue their passion.

Jaagar offers you a very fulfilling bird-watching experience under the guidance of our expert naturalists who spend hours with you providing you a wealth of knowledge along with professional equipment like binoculars and authentic reference books by stalwarts in the field of ornithology like Dr. Salim Ali. Walk gently with them and take in the visual delights of the winged beauties.

Behold the lovely sights of the vibrant colours of parakeets, robins and kingfishers, enjoy the melodious sounds of cuckoos and bulbuls, chant the name of the Lord with the warbler and watch ducks and waders make their way with ease through pristine waters. On your ornithological journey, you will also come across other splendid species like babblers, doves, bee eaters, rollers, flycatchers, chats, finches, forktails and what have you.

Our experts by your side will give you an insight into the fascinating journey and behaviour of these birds – how they build their nests, how they navigate hundreds or even thousands of miles and yet find their way back so accurately, how they shower love on their young ones much as we do and bring home the fruits of their labour.

Bird-watching is a rewarding passion to inculcate. It will make you a champion of freedom, peace and a world without boundaries.