Holidaying with the Best 

In order to get the best out of your Jaagar Experience, you need to consider what Jaagar seeks to offer you, what is stands for and what it identifies itself with. Instead of the luxuries of city life, which are available in abundance in cities, we seek to provide you an exclusive and unforgettable experience of the taste, sights, smells and feel of nature. Jaagar is a world where freshness, purity, good health and nostalgia are not merely words in a school’s environmental studies textbook or a storybook. Rather, they are a way of life.

Consider some elements of life at Jaagar for a peek into the out-of-the-ordinary experience that awaits you here.

You live in a spacious and independent cottage/villa that exudes a rustic charm. Enjoy the freshness of Himalayan breeze flowing through the spacious picture windows and relax in your private verandah/lawn, enjoying the sunshine in the winter or the pitter-patter of rain in the monsoon.

Start your day accompanying our staff to the neighbourhood, where you can join the locals in milking cows. Back at the resort, visit our own apiary to extract fresh honey, which you can then add to the fresh milk you collected for a wholesome drink. Visit the in-house coops to collect farm fresh eggs for your breakfast. Following a sumptuous breakfast, spend the day with you family introducing your children to such rustic activities that bring your own childhood memories rushing back – enjoy   those rustic swings, ride a bicycle, climb trees, play badminton or volleyball   and those good old board games before everyone was glued to screens.

Visit our kitchen garden to pick some fresh vegetables for your lunch and savour their freshness and purity while enjoying some Kumaoni delights prepared by our local chefs. If you find a dish simply irresistible, just mention it to the chef who will be glad to share the secrets of its taste with typical Kumao ni warmth.

When you feel hungry between meals, do not reach out for some preservative and saturated fat laden fast food but just extend your hand outside your window to pluck some fresh and juicy seasonal fruits that grown on the 7 acres of Jaagar land. Bite into the delicious organically grown mangoes, litchis, mud-apples and other delights.

Come evening and we prepare a nice bonfire to ward off the chill. It’s just the perfect setting to add some real friends for life instead of just some more social media connections. So just prepare your drink, fetch the delicacies of the evening, sit with our staff around the bonfire and lose yourself in the tales of the yesteryears – tales of the man-eaters of the Kumaon, tales of the maharajas, exciting stories of shikar of the good old days.... Now, did someone say that wish fulfilment happens only in books or  movies?