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The Life off the Fly

The waters of the Kosi and Ramganga rivers are a source of prized catch for seasoned anglers. For the uninitiated, angling is like meditation. It’s an activity that rewards those who realise the virtues of patience and perseverance.

While there is ample scope for angling throughout the year, October/November and April-June are the best times of the year to indulge in this passion. Leave behind any concerns about never having held a fishing rod in your life. We have our specialists to make your experience most convenient, comfortable and rewarding. They will arrange the required permits, guides, lines, transport and some lip-smacking picnic packs to initiate you into an activity, which Jim Corbett described as “a sport fit for kings” in the midst of the flora and fauna of these sublime surroundings.

Just as a generous sighting of the tiger is the wildlife lover’s equivalent of salvation on a visit to the Corbett, diehard anglers visiting this part of the world seek the glory of winning a battle against the Mahseer, a fish par excellence which is considered to rule the waters here just as the tiger rules the land outside the water. This omnivorous fish is no pushover and puts up a great fight during the battle of strength, tact and speed to capture it. Little wonder then that it wins the anglers’ admiration much like the kings of yore, who put up a very tough fight even if they eventually lost their lives and kingdoms to invaders. Besides the Mahseer, the Indian Trout and Goonch are other favourites in the waters of Corbett’s world.

So just come over and sit with our specialists by the riverside. Learn the intricacies of angling at leisure - the right way to prepare the line, using the appropriate ingredients for the bait, choosing the right spot where fish are abundant, reading the signs that tell you whether a heavy or a light fish has bitten the bait and the deciding on the right time and way to pull at your line to avoid losing your prized catch. And then releasing it to the freedom of nature.

All this in a day’s work!